Voyage Seaward

Registration for summer 2023 is open!

Voyage Seaward

Climb aboard the Seaward, a classic 82' schooner, and make it your home while we sail around the California Coast and magnificent Monterey Bay! During these 5-day sea-going adventures, under the guidance of a professional captain and crew, you will be challenged to become a team by learning to sail a traditional ship on a voyage to the sea. As a member of the crew, you will explore physical oceanography, bay, and coastal marine ecology, and learn about the history and traditions of seafaring life. Your skills and knowledge will grow as you develop confidence, teamwork, and leadership abilities!

No sailing experience is required.

Activities include: plankton studies, marine mammals studies, oceanography sampling,  marine debris and conservation topics, whale watching, squid dissection, skit night, navigation, knots, steering, sail handling, weather and tides, belly biology, beach campfire and beach time

Ages: 13-16

Cost: $1,300

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Session 1

July 3 - 7

Departs/Arrives: Sausalito/Monterey

Session 2

July 10 - 14

Departs/Arrives: Monterey/Monterey

Session 3

July 17 - 21

Departs/Arrives: Monterey/Monterey

COVID Safety Precautions

Participants must be asymptomatic when boarding, any symptomatic participants will be given an antigen test prior to boarding. COTS requires all staff, crew, interns and volunteers to be vaccinated and have at least one booster shot.

Preventative measures:

  • Basic sanitation (hand washing, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Wearing masks below deck unless eating or sleeping
  • Maximize ventilation in indoor spaces
  • Daily health check-ins to monitor for symptoms
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols on the boat during and in between programs
  • All points of high contact like the bathrooms on board will be cleaned morning, mid-day, and evening. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to use during the trip.

We ask participants to please reduce the risk of exposure for 14 days prior to program—especially in the 72 hours leading up to the start (avoid high transmission locations i.e., restaurants, air travel, unmasked gatherings, and taking COVID precautions such as wearing masks in public, washing hands frequently, etc.)

Please contact us at if you have more specific questions regarding our COVID safety practices.

Updated 4/26/2023