Outdoor School Program Overview

“You could teach this in a classroom but it wouldn’t be as impactful as this hands-on learning.” ‑Outdoor School Student
“You could teach this in a classroom but it wouldn’t be as impactful as this hands-on learning.” ‑Outdoor School Student

Camp SEA Lab’s goal

is to provide hands-on marine science opportunities for students that encourage deeper understanding of our coasts and ocean. Our programs seek to both stimulate student interest in science and teach the importance of caring for the marine environment. To achieve this goal, our programs apply scientific practices of the Next Generation Science Standards while following the Framework for K-12 Science Education and NOAA’s Ocean Literacy Principles.

"I feel this brought science to life and hopefully inspired [the students] to challenge themselves. The naturalist provided content that will stay with the students forever. Honestly the program was exceptional. I had an amazing time and the students are sad they are leaving." - 6th Grade teacher from Madonna Del Sasso School, Salinas

Residential Outdoor School Programs

Camp SEA Lab offers 3-day, 2-night residential Outdoor School programs for grades 5-8. Programs are designed to highlight the unique and diverse Monterey Bay coastline. Our residential programs give students an in-depth look at coastal ecosystems including sandy beach, wetlands and open ocean habitats. Students explore these ecosystems kinesthetically, by formulating questions, developing hypotheses and investigating their surrounding environment!

Day Outdoor School Programs

Camp SEA Lab provides full one-day field experiences for grades 3–8 that are packed with exciting, hands-on marine science activities. We guide students in inquiry-based investigations of our coastal environment while promoting team-based learning and scientific exploration. The program cost includes event coordination, program support for teachers, field programs, instruction, and materials. Schools are responsible for arranging and providing transportation, chaperones, lunches, and student field notebooks. Day programs run from 9a.m.–3p.m., unless otherwise arranged. Please contact us for specific pricing.

We want to support you!

Camp SEA Lab is currently exploring the best format and timing to provide support directly to schools, or to the families at your school. 

We are preparing to offer a range of programs from our traditional 3-day residential program, virtual field experiences,  to guided marine exploration lessons over the course of this year next school year. Please take 10 minutes to complete our 2020-2021 Outdoor School Survey to help us plan and prepare in providing environmental education to your students.