Day Camp

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Day Camp Overview

Camp SEA Lab is excited to offer 3 fun-filled programs for Day Camp this summer- Ocean Forest Odyssey, Marine Animal Mania, and our newest program, Stewards of the SEA. All programs are packed full of aquatic adventures and cool marine ecology activities!

Scholarships and sibling discounts are available. Please contact us at for more information.

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Marine Animal Mania

Get ready for a week of amazing animal adventures! Spend each day learning about the unique adaptations of the incredible creatures that inhabit Monterey Bay. Observe marine mammal lifestyles from a kayak tour around the Monterey harbor, dig for critters in the sandy beach ecosystem, search nooks and crannies for invertebrates, and spot birds with binoculars- every day brings a new animal into focus! Get into the action by hopping on a surfboard and spending some time being a marine animal as well! Meet some local mammal experts and participate in conservation activities that show us how humans can work to protect these wonderful creatures who call the bay home. Campers must be able to swim.                     

Activities: surfing (2 days), kayaking, boogie boarding, sand crab studies, marine mammal activities, bird exploration, watershed conservation, belly biology

Location: Del Monte Beach with a 2 day drop off/pick up at Casa Verde Beach   

Ages: 8-13

Cost: $485


Session 1
Dates: June 27-July 1

Session 2
Dates: July 11-15

Session 3
Dates: July 25-29

Stewards of the SEA

Love the ocean?  Join us for this marine ecology, ocean conservation and science-packed week! Surf, snorkel and visit numerous habitats along the Monterey coastline. Tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn about different marine habitats and meet with a local conservation group to learn about efforts to protect the sea. Embrace your inner scientist as we explore the tidepools, do a hands-on dissection, check out plankton through microscopes, and conduct a study on sand crabs. This field-oriented experience will allow you to embrace your inner scientist and explore a variety of marine science careers. Campers must be able to swim, and be comfortable in the ocean.

Activities: snorkeling (1 day), surfing (1 day), tidepooling, sand crab study, plankton exploration, visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium, dissection, meeting with conservation advocates

Location: 3 day drop off at Breakwater Cove, 1 day drop off at Casa Verde, 1 day drop off at Asilomar

Ages: 10-15

Cost: $485


Session 1
Dates: June 13-17

Session 2
Dates: July 4-8

Ocean Forest Odyssey

Ever wonder what mysteries lay beneath the ocean surface? Jump in and explore the underwater world first-hand with mask and snorkel, observing the diversity of life in the nearshore habitats of Monterey Bay. Then, experience the soothing rhythm of life in the ocean forest as you glide over the kelp forest canopy by kayak. A visit to the tidepools will allow you to investigate the creatures that live at the edge of the sea. Plankton studies, fish printing and algae pressing will round out your study of kelp forest life. Campers must be able to swim.

Activities: snorkeling (2 days), kayaking, algae pressing, gyotaku, tidepooling, plankton studies, boogie boarding, marine debris exploration                         

Location: Lover's Point with a 1 day drop off/pick up at Del Monte Beach             

Ages: 8-13

Cost: $485


Session 1
Dates: June 20-24

Session 2
Dates: July 18-22

Session 3
Dates: August 1-5

COVID Safety Precautions

Camp SEA Lab is following guidelines from the CDC and American Camp Association for best safety practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Review our COVID Protocols page to learn more details.